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Enabling Wireless Connectivity

Wireless technology is about to revolutionise the way products are designed and used. With both wide area and short range links, the need for cables is beginning to disappear. As a result, it is becoming possible to design products that connect to the Internet as soon as they are taken out of the box.

To gain a foothold in this exciting new market, designers and companies need to understand the potential for new web based services that are an integral part of their product design, as well as how to implement wireless connectivity. Unfortunately all of this can be challenging.

WiFore exists to help you overcome these barriers and bring products to market ahead of your competitors. With many years of experience in all aspects of wireless connectivity, a comprehensive knowledge of the wireless standards and a wide understanding of emerging market opportunities, WiFore can help you make the best decisions in analysing the market, defining your product roadmap and implementing wireless technology and web services.

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To Ubiquity and Beyond

Bluetooth Smart and the Growth of Appcesories

Download the latest report from WiFore on the explosive new market for Appcessories - products which use Bluetooth Smart technology to connect to smartphones and tablets. It's a market which is predicted to grow to a value of over $130 billion by the end of 2020.

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